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These shown below and many more!

Player's Republic Blackbird Totem
Page from the Book of Gosh-Hand Page from the Book of Gosh-Twins
For Ceremony-page from the Book of Gosh Green Skull with lotus
Page from the Book of Gosh-Elements Page from the Book of Gosh-skull
Green icons with golden worm Possible Creation
Psychotrails Eye of Gosh, Hands of Gosh
Psychotrails Beast Totem-pink
Earth Day Sacred Grounds
Cathulhu sticker by ARTmuffin
Eat the Rich-Skateboard Design by ARTmuffin

Prophecy deck - 3rd Edition is here!!

The 1st and 2nd Editions of the Prophecy deck have sold out. The 3rd Edition is now here for your fortune telling pleasure. Thanks to everyone for your interest!

Religious Horror Icons now available!

T.G.I.F.....and other cool prints.

I've been creating what I'm calling Religious Horror Icons. I'm basically painting famous characters from horror movies and dropping them into religious style painting backgrounds. I'm calling it Saints and Sinners. Shown at left are the 3 that started it all....more are always in the works! Personally I'm quite fond of the T.G.I.F. Jason Voorhees print. But that's probably cuz I'm oh so metal.

Snarf them up in my store for only $12 USD with FREE shipping!.

ARTmuffin deck designs at Devil Street Decks!